The Basic Workout.

It's no secret that our posture, sedentary lifestyle, and bad movement patterns put too much stress on the lower spine and the small back muscles. Foundation training is based on the simple but unique idea that strengthening the posterior chain (multifidi, erector spinae, and quadratus lumborum) allows the strong muscles in your back to do their job of supporting the weight of the upper body and propelling movement. These exercises are designed to change destructive movement patterns and build a powerful posterior chain, which begins with a strong lower back.

With Foundation training you are building a solid muscular base. From there you can go anywhere with flexibility, power, and endurance. Once you learn to move properly, there are few limits to what you can achieve physically. Living without pain will boost your energy level and attitude. So get moving - the right way - and see how much better you feel.

To assist in achieving better posture and go from pain to performance you may want to look into IntelliSkin.

What is IntelliSkin?

IntelliSkin is a performance apparel company focused on improving posture and alignment for enhanced well-being. We design and develop distinctive garments that have been proven to enhance posture and athletic performance. The IntelliSkin concept was developed by Dr. Tim Brown, a leading sports medicine professional, after more than 30 years treating some of the world’s elite athletes and working with leading health care professionals.

How do the IntelliSkin Products Work?

Our garments are designed to stimulate and send specific cues to the brain that cause your tight muscles to relax and the opposing under-used muscles to simultaneously contract and tone. The flow of information back and forth from the nerve receptors in the skin to the brain provide subconscious “coaching,” instructing muscles to work together, function and protect joints from injury more efficiently.

Muscle memory and improved postural awareness are created by maintaining improved alignment and balance during repetitive daily movements.

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